Hostetlers Lawn Furniture

Hi, my name is Marlin Martin and I am the owner of Hostetler’s Lawn Furniture.  Dave Hostetler started the business in 1998. In 2006, Vancen Miller moved the business to the corner of Beech Rd. and US 30.  In September of 2008, Dave was diagnosed with cancer. After a long fought battle he passed away in November of 2009.In the spring of 2012 Davy (Jr)  took over the business and moved it back to it’s original location on State Rd 331.

                                                                                                                          About Me

I moved to Northern Indiana from Kentucky, in September of 2017, in pursuit of marrying my fiance. :-). We got married in March. In April,  I found out Davy was looking to sell his business. (he wanted to pursue some dreams out of state).I had been in the shed business for 4 yrs, (delivering sheds) so it was a business I was familiar with and enjoyed. I appreciated the level of quality and integrity that was being built into these buildings and I decided it would be a business I wanted to be a part of! They say if you love what you do, you never have to work a day in your life! I sure enjoy my job!  (I love my wife, and enjoy my job)!!

We are a family-owned business serving the Northern Indiana region with quality Outdoor Poly Furniture, Sheds, Cabins . We are pleased to offer products built with above-average quality, and stand behind the products that we sell. We are located at 10332 State Rd 331, Bourbon, IN 46504.

Warranty Information

Sheds & Cabins

Two Year Warranty: All products are guaranteed for two years against defects in the manufacturer’s workmanship or materials. Consequential damages are limited to repair or replacement of the defective component. In addition, treated wood may carry an additional warranty against decay or insect damage. Minor surface checking and cracking is not covered, as that is normal with all types of wood. No other warranties of merchantability are made by the manufacturer. The manufacturer’s products are not warranted as being suitable for a particular purpose. The suitability of products is for the purchaser to determine.

Poly Furniture

Lifetime Warranty
LuxCraft furniture comes with a residential lifetime limited warranty or commercial 5-year limited warranty covering any defective product or part. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your new backyard oasis.


Hostetler’s started in business in 1998 selling outdoor wood furniture, gliders, swings, picnic tables, things of that nature. In 2002 we began selling storage sheds, mini barns, and cabins and in 2006 added poly furniture. We are grateful to God for the way he has blessed us and it is our desire to run our business on Biblical principles.  I would like to thank our customers for doing business with us and hope your experience with us was to your satisfaction. God Bless