Carriage House

Backyard Garage

The classic lines of the Carriage House make it a popular choice for a backyard storage. Great for a multitude of uses...a playhouse for your youngsters, storing lawn and garden equipment, or a workshop. A great place to store all those seasonal outdoor decorations that have no home of their own!

Carriage House
with Porch

If you are looking for something truly unique, try our Carriage House with Porch! The 3'x8' porch is nestled in the front corner of the structure. The base price includes a 3' wide treated porch floor, with railing on the end, a window, shutters, a 30" door on the porch as well as the standard 60" double doors.
We so love our new building! We had one custom built with five windows on one side in order to be able to lounge around and see into our woods, yet not have to combat the bugs. Davy made the ordering process simple and maintained excellent communication with us. You should check out Hostetler's! - G Skocilich

Carriage House Pricing

10x8Call for Quote10x20Call for Quote12x24Call for Quote
12x8Call for Quote14x16Call for Quote
14x8Call for Quote14x18Call for Quote
16x8Call for Quote12x12Call for Quote14x20Call for Quote
10x10Call for Quote12x14Call for Quote14x22Call for Quote
10x12Call for Quote12x16Call for Quote14x24Call for Quote
10x14Call for Quote12x18Call for Quote14x28Call for Quote
10x16Call for Quote12x20Call for Quote14x32Call for Quote
10x18Call for Quote12x22Call for Quote14x36Call for Quote

Carriage House with Porch Pricing

10x10Call for Quote16x12Call for Quote26x12Call for Quote
16x10Call for Quote18x12Call for Quote28x12Call for Quote
18x10Call for Quote20x12Call for Quote30x12Call for Quote
20x10Call for Quote22x12Call for Quote34x12Call for Quote
24x10Call for Quote24x12Call for Quote36x12Call for Quote
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Features & Specs

The standard features included in the base price on the Carriage House are as follows

  • 4x4 Treated Runners
  • Treated 2x4 Floor Joists 16" On Center
  • 5/8" Sturdy Floor T&G Plywood Floor
  • 2x4 Wall Studs 16" On Center
  • DuraTemp or T-111 1/2" Plywood Siding
  • Primed and Ready to Paint
  • 2x4 Rafters 16" on center
  • 1/2" Plywood Roof Sheeting
  • Drip Edge, Felt Paper, and 25/yr Shingles
  • Pair of 8x16" Vents or 8' Ridge Vent
  • 60" Double Doors with Continuous Hinges
  • Locking T-Handle Door Latch
  • Hooks and Eyes to secure doors when open
  • 2/yr Limited Warranty

Carriage House Gallery

Here is our gallery of the Carriage House.