The Chalet

Storage Building

This lovely Chalet storage building will add beauty and value to your property. The entrance door is neatly tucked under a reversed gable dormer. The base price includes the 60" double doors, a 36" Wood door.

Features & Specs

The standard features included in the base price on The Chalet storage building are as follows

  • 4x4 Treated Runners
  • Treated 2x4 Floor Joists 16" On Center
  • 5/8" Sturdy Floor T&G Plywood Floor
  • 2x4 Wall Studs 16" On Center
  • DuraTemp or T-111 1/2" Plywood Siding
  • Primed and Ready to Paint
  • 2x4 Rafters 16" on center
  • 1/2" Plywood Roof Sheeting
  • Drip Edge, Felt Paper, and 25/yr Shingles
  • Pair of 8x16" Vents or 8' Ridge Vent
  • 60" Double Doors with Continuous Hinges
  • Locking T-Handle Door Latch
  • Hooks and Eyes to secure doors when open
  • 2/yr Limited Warranty

The Chalet Gallery

Here is our gallery of The Chalet Storage Building.