14x24 Garden Shed Pequea Green Clay trim

2 thoughts on “14×24-garden-shed-painted-pequea-green-clay

  1. What is the cost of this shed?
    What is the free height inside?

    1. Jeremy,
      We would have to write up a quote to get an exact price on this particular building. I’m going to say this building would price out around $10k to $12k.
      The inside height up to the truss braces is at least 8 ft.

      We start with a base building with 3 tab shingles and a set of 60″ double doors. From there we add as many options as you want. Roof upgrades & paint are percentages based off the base price. Windows, extra doors, dormers, etc… are added to achieve the look you want.

      If you visit the Garden shed page, you’ll see a “Request A Quote” button. There, you can ask for whatever options you’d like and we’ll send you a quote.

      Feel free to call with any more questions. 574-858-9210

      Best regards,

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