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The Potting Shed

Do you enjoy gardening and the thrill of watching new plant life push it's way toward sunlight? How exciting it is to watch your plants grow taller every day. With our Potting Shed, you have that opportunity!! You can now start your own plants instead of waiting on the local greenhouse. We offer the option of Thermopane windows if you want to be ale to heat your Potting Shed efficiently. The skylight roof and windows all around the Potting Shed provide plenty of light for the new seedlings. The other half of the shed provides storage area for your gardening tools, water hoses, lawn mower etc......
The Potting Shed is available with many different options and in may different sizes. Come see us for solutions!!

Features & Specs

The standard features included in the base price on The Potting Shed are as follows:

  • 4x4 Treated Runners
  • Treated 2x4 Floor Joists 16" On Center
  • 5/8" Sturdy Floor T&G Plywood Floor
  • 2x4 Wall Studs 16" On Center
  • DuraTemp or T-111 1/2" Plywood Siding
  • Primed and Ready to Paint
  • 2x4 Rafters 16" on center
  • 1/2" Plywood Roof Sheeting
  • Drip Edge, Felt Paper, and 25/yr Shingles
  • Pair of 8x16" Vents or 8' Ridge Vent
  • 60" Double Doors with Continuous Hinges
  • Locking T-Handle Door Latch
  • Hooks and Eyes to secure doors when open
  • 2/yr Limited Warranty
  • Includes Skylight in roof & Plexiglass in Gable & Pergola Porch
  • 8' Wide Potting area  (unless noted differently)

The Potting Shed Gallery

Here is the gallery of The Potting Shed.